soft and clean towel for grinding and wiping, so

soft and clean towel for grinding and wiping, so

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Recently, the reporter saw in the Shanghai Pharmacy Huaihai Store that from time to time, citizens came to buy relevant epidemic prevention products. According to merchants, the demand for all kinds of epidemic prevention products has increased in recent days, and drugstore retail masks, wash-free disinfectants and sterilized wet towels are all very popular. Ye Wei, director of Shanghai Pharmacy Huaihai Store, told reporters that the supply of drugstores is quite abundant, and Shanghai pharmacies can guarantee the supply of citizens. For the convenience of the public, the drugstore has also prepared two kinds of epidemic prevention bags for the citizens. The large bags contain masks, alcohol disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and spray, and the small bags are easy to carry, and there are wet towels, no-washing liquid and masks. The price of the small bag is also relatively cheap, about 20 yuan each, and the big one is slightly more expensive, 50 or 60 yuan.

Ms. Hu from Wuhan placed an order for an authentic second-hand prada bag in the studio. When she wiped the surface of the bag with a paper towel after receiving the goods, she found that the color of the bag fell off and felt that it had been refurbished, which she said the seller did not specify during the live broadcast. During the after-sale negotiation, the other party refused to admit it, but said that Ms. Hu had damaged the bag and would not give a refund. After the complaint, the seller took the initiative to contact Ms. Hu to negotiate a refund.

In the market, you can buy a special vacuum cleaner for cars to absorb the dust that accumulates on the surface and deep layers of car accessories. After vacuuming, carefully spray the car roof, carpet, velvet seat and other places with a special cleaning solution, and then wipe it carefully with a brush. Dashboards and countertops and doors, windows and glass should be wiped clean with towels.

soft and clean towel for grinding and wiping, so

44, the bag received, really good, simple, generous, lightweight, good workmanship, belt buckle exquisite, thick, pocket fabric thin but not pompous, summer with personal use will also be breathable, storage space is super good, put the mobile phone, or when money this is the running bag I want! Perfect! The outside is waterproof and the inside absorbs sweat! The belt is elastic and does not shake close to the body. Keys, cell phones, paper towels, separate packages! Night reflective bar plus fluorescent yellow is very eye-catching! The belt is fastened tightly and never slacken. It is convenient to use the bag. I plan to take the baby to play ball with me during the holiday.

In fact, alcohol only plays a cleaning role, and can not repair windshield scratches, for car front windshield hair scratches, can be removed by grinding and polishing, alcohol is useless, we can use toothpaste. Toothpaste has the effect of repairing glass scratches, mainly because toothpaste contains some small grinding particles, which can play a grinding effect, so as to achieve the role of repair. If there are small scratches on the car windshield, clean the glass first, smear some toothpaste on the scratches, and then wet it with a soft and clean towel and grind it so that the scratches can be smooth.

Third, disinfect the interior regularly. The interior of the car is the most likely place to hide dirt and breed bacteria. Splashing saliva is easy to attach to seats, ceilings, dashboards, carpets, floor mats, door panels, etc. In addition to using sterilized paper towels or sprayers with 500ml disinfectant to wipe and spray, you can also wipe the car with 75% alcohol, but you must not wipe too much. 75% alcohol has a very low ignition point. When the confined space reaches a certain concentration, the temperature can be ignited when the temperature reaches 22 degrees Celsius, do not be careless. Other disinfection methods:

The warm air temperature should not be too high when driving in winter, otherwise it is easy to cause drowsiness and accidents, especially in the process of highway driving. Secondly, it is recommended to half-open the window so that the air has a certain circulation; the car can use a car humidifier, soil method can also put a wet towel in the car on the dashboard or drink plenty of water.

soft and clean towel for grinding and wiping, so

For some shallow scratches caused by wind and sand, it is not a big problem and can be polished directly without grinding. If there is no special equipment, toothpaste can be used for grinding, toothpaste contains some small grinding particles, can play a grinding effect, apply some toothpaste on the scratches, and then wet with a soft and clean towel for grinding and wiping, so that the scratches can be ground flat. In fact, for the car windshield scratch repair is best to the professional glass scratch repair shop to deal with, professionals, there are special tools, the technology is better.

The food left inside the takeout bag is easy to produce bad smell, so the incubator must be cleaned regularly. Open the top cover and clean it with a towel or sponge dipped in warm water or neutral detergent. After using detergent, it must be washed with clean water and then dried with a dry cloth. Always have dust on the top of the takeout package to avoid affecting the aesthetic effect. Do not scrub the surface of the box with alcohol or corrosive lotion. Note: 1. When cleaning takeout bags, do not directly sprinkle water on the box, so as not to artificially damage the package and seep into the insulation layer. two。 Disable open fire or sharp cutting. 3. Avoid long-term exposure to rain, sun and sun will affect the heat preservation effect.

Interior decoration is an important work of maintenance, clean and comfortable interior can bring you a new feeling. Dip soapy water or detergent with a towel or sponge and scrub every corner of the dashboard. It should be noted that before cleaning the chemical fiber surface, use a dust cleaner to absorb the dust, then soak it with a special textile cleaner for a few minutes, and then scrub it with a towel after the dust is dissolved. Chromium plated surfaces should also be scrubbed frequently to maintain their brightness.

When the temperature inside the car is higher than the temperature outside the car, the front windshield of the car will form a fog film, seriously blocking the view. Spread the soap evenly on the windshield and wipe it clean with a paper towel after the soap dries. At this time, the soap has formed a film on the windshield, inhibiting the liquefaction process, even if the fog or the temperature inside the car is higher than the outside of the car, it will not block the line of sight. Not only that, soap also has a rain-proof effect, the car side view mirror smeared soap, the above Rain Water will quickly slip off, will not be attached to the surface of the mirror to block the view.

soft and clean towel for grinding and wiping, so

Before decorating, there are several things that must be prepared in your bag, including: measuring tape (buy 5m, not 3m), calculator, big board clip (clip list, receipt). In addition, it is best to prepare old towels (soft cotton, bricks and bricks), plastic bags and other items on the construction site in advance. Finally, you need to pay attention to a thorough inspection of the house before you start work, so that you can get a more detailed picture of your house.