packed into a transparent handbag by my mother,

packed into a transparent handbag by my mother,

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There are many kinds of bags, including shoulder bags, slung bags, handbags, chain bags, but the only ones that can be concave and practical are Todd bags. Today, this article is to recommend these 40 big brand Todd bags that are worth starting with in this hot summer. Let you love your heart!

At this time, you need a white handbag to enhance your styling. White is originally inclusive of bright colors, whether leisure or serious, white bags can deal with one by one.

For this bag, MSCHF said: “handbags are getting smaller and smaller, their status is becoming more and more abstract, and now it is purely a brand logo.” Previous bags still need to be carried by hand, so the miniature bag draws the completely logical conclusion that a practical object is reduced to jewelry, and all the hypothetical functions are gone. Practicality is not necessary for luxury goods. ”

Then we fold the bag and sew the two sides together on the opposite side. Finally, we add a decorative buckle cover, so that a beautiful and lovely jujube flower handbag will be finished!

Today, Wulun looks elegant in a Herm 猫 s orange dress, elegant in a white high-necked sweater and stylish in a pair of rice-white boots. Finally, she was carrying a classic platinum bag and looked gorgeous. If you take a closer look, you can see that her clothes, handbags and shoes are all the same color, and the orange bag and coat complement each other. After all, it is a show of Herm 猫 s and should not be careless. Woollen is looking forward to wearing 100% clothes.

You may not find anything extraordinary when you first see this handbag, but will you find that this handbag is made of 18K gold, all inlaid with diamonds, with a total of more than 4500 pieces, weighing 381.92 carats? not only that, the production process is also quite complicated.

packed into a transparent handbag by my mother,

When using a small shoulder strap bag, you can slightly fix the bag under the armpit to avoid swinging the bag back and forth, while the handbag should be held in the arm, the elbow naturally leaning against the waistline into 90 degrees, the strapless bag can be held in front of the chest with one hand, or it can be naturally held near the thigh along the length of the arm. Sisters must not clip the strapless bag under the glue!

In addition to her schoolbag, Xiaoyu also brought quilts and cutlery to school, because her mother gave Xiaoyu a school afternoon care. The school eats lunch in the classroom at noon, and the thermal insulation lunch box is uniformly equipped by the school. Students need to bring their own soup bowls, spoons and a small square towel to pad the lunch box. Mother gave Xiaoyu a wet paper towel, cut a small cut on the top of the tissue bag, and told Xiaoyu that he could tear it open from here. The eating utensils were neatly packed into a transparent handbag by my mother, whose name was pasted on the outside and covered with a layer of transparent glue.

Essential equipment supplies: swimming caps, swimming trunks / swimsuits, swimming goggles highly recommended: backpacks / handbags, bath towels / towels, water cups, slippers, bath products, swimming earplugs non-essential equipment supplies: nose clips, waterproof mobile phone bags, underwater sports watches, care supplies, electric wind blowing novice practice equipment supplies: floating board, back float, swimming circle other auxiliary training equipment: breathing tube, flippers, flippers Rowing board outdoor equipment supplies: waterproof sunscreen, sun protection jellyfish

The exquisite and attractive mini handbag is for those carefree little girls to hang as jewelry. But for the fresh and busy professional women in the city, the highest praise they can give to a handbag is not “cute”, but “really capable”.