water and cover the towel . If I am

water and cover the towel . If I am

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I promise you that I will prepare hot cocoa, chocolate, and your favorite little food every time you are menstruating. I will give you hot water and cover the towel. If I am not here, I will still find a way to prepare for you, because only I am here, you will not be so uncomfortable.

water and cover the towel . If I am

The second use: we can also hang this towel directly in the living room, which is also very good. Sometimes when we have guests at home, we will talk in the living room. At this time, there must be smoking, so that the air will be filled with an unpleasant smell of smoke, and long-term absorption of secondhand smoke will also do harm to our health. The smell of secondhand smoke is alkaline, so we hang a wet towel in the living room. The wet towel can absorb the smoke while evaporating water. Inside the white vinegar volatilized into an acid, acid-base combination, can be a good removal of indoor secondhand smoke. At the same time, the smell of toilet water and lemon emitted by towels is also very fragrant and can also be used as an air cleaner.

Many entrepreneurs in life will face this problem, so when the location of the restaurant is not good, you must provide customers with more than expected service, such as arranging an usher to hand out hot towels for every moment of entry. In short, we must do a good job in the relevant details, good service is to attract repeat customers, the key is more important than dishes and pricing, and it also ensures that customers can be passed on by word of mouth, so when the position is not good, this is very noteworthy.

If you find that the child has been bitten by a mosquito, the mother can immediately find a hot towel to help the child make a hot compress at the bite. This operation is very simple, and can quickly help children stop itching, the effect is very obvious. After repeated several times, the child basically stopped itching. Of course, if the child scratches the skin, he needs to master the temperature, and it depends on whether the child is matched or not.

After washing and blowing dry, apply the no-wash repair essence to the hair tip with the palm of your hand, inject a lot of water and nutrition to help moisturize the damaged hair tip, reduce the knot phenomenon, and make the hair healthy and shiny as a whole. Hair easily broken seriously damaged hair, do not use hot air after shampoo, only use dry towels to dry hair, and then apply water glossy styling water evenly on all hair. When the hair is nearly dry, daub it again from the root to the tip to help the hair regain its glossy gloss.

At this time, we usually dredge on our own first. If the dredging cannot be completed, what will we do when the toilet is clogged? The editor will tell you about it in detail. The toilet is slightly clogged: it is generally clogged by toilet paper or sanitary napkins, towel rags, etc., which can be dredged directly by using pipe dredging machines or simple dredging tools.