storage space in the luggage compartment, whether it

storage space in the luggage compartment, whether it

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Chifeng Boai luggage Co., Ltd., located in Chifeng, a famous commercial capital at home and abroad, is a professional manufacturer integrating development, design, production and sales. Full operation of domestic and foreign markets, and spent a lot of money on the development of business platform, committed to the most cutting-edge and personalized bags for domestic and foreign fashion. Adhering to the customer values of “quality is life, reputation is benefit”, we reveal the quality view and integrity image of enterprise products. Products are sold all over the world, Asia, Europe, Africa, and become the leader in the international brand luggage market. Since its establishment, the company has been in a state of healthy development, with an annual sales growth rate of more than 20%. It is an enterprise approved and registered by the relevant departments of the state. Mainly produces leisure bags, backpacks, computer bags and so on. In line with the principle of “customer first, honesty first”, we are willing to work together with you to create resplendence!

Each family is an indispensable and important part of the family, in the endless spring season, take the whole family outing, naturally can not be left behind. Qichen D60PLUS is comparable to the spacious space of B-class cars, allowing families to enjoy a comfortable driving experience. The large storage space in the luggage compartment, whether it is a fishing photography tour or a picnic barbecue family tour, can hold the equipment and luggage needed for the family trip. The configuration of high-quality breathable leather seats virtually increases the comfort of driving, allowing you and your family to enjoy the spring light on the journey away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

storage space in the luggage compartment, whether it

There are many kinds of automotive composites, including glass fiber mat reinforced thermoplastic composites. Natural fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites and carbon fiber reinforced composites are widely used in seat frames, bumpers, dashboards, engine covers, battery brackets, pedals, floors, protective panels, car ceilings, luggage brackets, sunshades, spare tire racks, etc., with the advantages of high strength, good durability, high reliability, low price, recyclable, degradable, renewable and so on.

In addition, the five characteristic advantage industries are textiles and clothing (including luggage and leather goods), cosmetics, smart home appliances (including lighting, audio, security equipment), jewelry, food and beverages. According to the Plan, we will take the industrial Internet platform to enable the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry as the main line, promote the transformation and upgrading of these five industries to high-end customization, cultivate a number of new “made in Guangzhou” brands, build a fashion capital, and build a modern urban consumer industrial cluster to help build an international consumer center city.

Many people buy SUV mainly for household use, but occasionally there is a business demand, and the interior design is comfortable and luxurious, which can be called deluxe first class. The cloud suspension central control design pioneered at the same level, combined with the connected screen design of central control and LCD dashboard, significantly improves the texture of the interior, and the three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and lever-type electronic shift mechanism match each other, further enhancing the sense of technology and luxury in the car. And Toyota Hanlanda in the interior style is still full of home style design, a strong sense of plastic materials, a sense of grade is obviously insufficient. In addition, the range can be equipped with blanket lights, exterior atmosphere lights, 20-inch wheels, etc., while Tuang has to go to the top to be equipped with blanket lights, no roof luggage rack atmosphere lights, while the main model is equipped with 19-inch wheels, the configuration is not as rich as the range.

2. Responsible for collecting intelligence and product requirements for luggage industry, customers and market environment, responsible for tracking and operation data analysis of luggage products after launch, grasping the design style, sales direction and market feedback of competitive brands, accurately and effectively planning their own product development direction, formulating product competition strategies, determining quarterly product trends and commodity planning;

Ms. Chen therefore indicts the suitcase bag shop. Luggage shops believe that they are only promoters of bags, selling bags on behalf of others, not real sellers, and after testing, bags are also authentic, not fake.

storage space in the luggage compartment, whether it

Interior decoration, VOXY uses a silver and black tone, the same simple atmosphere. The dashboard uses a large-size LCD screen, which is more convenient for the presentation of information. The seats are made of high-end materials, the cushions and backrest reveal a simple sense of luxury, and the spacious interior space is enough to make seven passengers feel as comfortable as VIP. VOXY is surrounded by standard side sliding doors, which not only make it easier to load and unload luggage, but also make it easier for passengers to get in and out, especially for families with children.

It is necessary to pay attention to the painstaking efforts in order to customize a fashionable, practical and popular bag. 1, the bag with complete functions is a type of backpack with high functional requirements, which is mainly designed and produced for the convenience of taking care of infants and young children. this requires that infant and mother products can be classified into bags, such as baby bottles. The design of the compartment is very clear. There are milk bottles in front of the bag, aluminum film for heat preservation, and bags specially for wet towels. We are not afraid to put others. It was founded in 2005. It is an integrated enterprise integrating design, production and commerce. The main products are luggage, clothing, shoes, hats and other supplies, with a wide range of products.

However, in addition to energy absorption and heat-resistant platform, polypropylene foam also has good thermal weldability, which makes polypropylene foam is also widely used in car sheds, doors, car roofs, carpet supporting materials, sound insulation panels, door linings and luggage racks, etc.; its good thermal processing type makes it widely used in master boxes, shock-proof boards and other components. In addition, polypropylene foam can also produce deflector, door inner panel energy absorption protection pad, buffer pad, headrest, object box, cushion, dashboard and so on.