share shoes, socks and towel s; try to avoid walking

share shoes, socks and towel s; try to avoid walking

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The climate itself is dry in winter, and turning on the heating will make the air in the car drier, which makes the skin more dry. At the same time, dry air is also easy to produce static electricity. To prevent dryness, in addition to using a car moisturizer, you can also put a wet towel on the dashboard. After turning on the heating, the air outlet should not be aimed directly at the face. Although the face is very resistant to temperature changes, hot air that is dry for a long time will accelerate the aging of the skin. Women should be extra careful. In addition, when the hot air rises, heating from the lower part can achieve a better and faster heating effect. The same truth as when cold air conditioning is turned on in summer, when hot air is just opened, the rear window is slightly open for a period of time. Due to the entry of hot air and the spillover of cold air, the heating effect is reflected more quickly.

If the camper is to transport equipment, then the storage box is used to integrate more piecemeal items: food, picnic mats, paper towels, cutlery. I usually pack different items separately and then sort them into the storage box, so that it is not easy to lose items besides convenience. My storage box also doubles as a table or chair, and the white box I entered in muji is really easy to use and very strong.

Bathing in public places, especially bathrobes, is easy to contaminate each other and bring germs from others to yourself. Damp bath towels can also hide dirt. Change your swimsuit in time after swimming. Wearing a wet swimsuit for a few hours will increase the chances of vaginal mold reproduction. In addition, women should also prepare their own special cleaning basins and special cleaning utensils and towels. Cleaning utensils should be washed before use, and towels should be dried or dried in a ventilated place after use, preferably in the sun, which is conducive to sterilization. Because the towel has not seen the sun for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and fungi.

Keeping the skin clean and dry is the basic requirement for the prevention and treatment of tinea. Separate use of household appliances as far as possible is an important measure to prevent the spread of tinea disease. Pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin dry, use talcum powder in summer; bathe frequently and change underwear; choose cotton socks for men who must wear leather shoes to facilitate sweat absorption and ventilation: do not share shoes, socks and towels; try to avoid walking barefoot in swimming pools, gyms and other places.

share shoes, socks and towel s; try to avoid walking

For example, if a child throws a wet towel on his own bed, at first you can gently say to him, son, there is a wet towel on my bed. This is called description.

You can imagine that these bacteria will land on many items in your toilet, such as toothbrushes, toilet paper, facial towels and your cosmetic products. Coupled with the fact that the bathroom is already relatively wet and not very ventilated, in such an environment, it will naturally be highly liked by these bacteria, so these things that you come into contact with the skin every day have become hotbeds of bacteria, do you feel very disgusting?

The training ended, and with the sound of the alarm, the fire drill officially began. Workers on the south side of the foundation pit of the building threw cigarette butts into sawdust, causing the scene to catch fire and thick smoke billowed. After receiving the report, the project manager immediately deployed the emergency teams to work together, and the evacuation guidance team organized the orderly evacuation of the personnel at the scene, and everyone at the scene covered their mouths and noses with wet towels and escaped safely from the dangerous area. The subsequent fire fighting team used fire extinguishers to extinguish the burning point, and the emergency rescue team rescued the people trapped in the fire scene in time, and then entered the scene during the investigation to investigate and collect evidence. Under the guidance of the instructors of the Fire Protection Association, the whole exercise ended successfully with the mutual cooperation of the members of each group.

At present, the treatment of urticaria can only control symptoms, it is difficult to “root”, so let babies avoid suspicious allergens is a very important means of prevention and treatment. When scratching, babies can apply cold / ice towels locally or apply calamine lotion to relieve itching. Oral drugs are mainly antihistamines, commonly used are desloratadine and levocetirizine, but the drugs are recommended under the guidance of a doctor.

If you open the toilet seat while flushing, the cyclone in the toilet is easy to breed bacteria, and then stay in the air for a few hours, our toothbrushes, mouthwash cups, towels will be infected with bacteria.

Next to the bathroom cabinet, a separate shower area is separated by transparent glass with a black frame, and a water barrier is installed on the outside of the shower area to separate the bathroom from dry and wet. Black shower, storage rack with terrazzo wall tiles and floor tiles, give people a very fashionable feeling. The wall next to the shower area is also equipped with an electric towel rack, which can dry towels, bath towels and hand-washed underwear to prevent the breeding of mites.